Force Fed Enlightenment

by A Million Dead Birds Laughing

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- Part I of the AMDBL 'alphabet' -

"It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane."

Philip K. Dick
Valis (1981)

'Force Fed Enlightenment' produced by Sam Johnson and AMDBL.
Engineered and Mixed by Sam Johnson @ Three Phase Studios, Melbourne, Australia.
Mastering by Alan Douches @ West West Side Music.

All Songs written and arranged by A Million Dead Birds Laughing.

Orchestral and String Accompaniment composed by BB.
Additional soundscapes by Dylan Meadows.

Special thanks:
Sam Johnson and Three Phase Studios, Tim Charles and Welkin Entertainment, Michael Summerton and Upstage Music Solutions, Soundworks Touring, Metal Obsession, Svartwerk.


released March 10, 2011

BB - Guitars
DT - Drums
SA - Bass
AZ - Vocals

via Welkin Records



all rights reserved


A Million Dead Birds Laughing Melbourne, Australia

Based in Melbourne, Australia.


AZ - Vocals
BB - Guitars/Vocals
SA - Bass
DP - Drums

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Track Name: Conduit

They shall be faceless wraiths
Untainted demons

They shall breed nightmare
They shall be apostles of the night
The Knightbreed; demon seed
They shall be archangels of apocalypse


They shall take the form of snakes
Untainted wraiths
They shall take the form of snakes and crawl into the night

Think and they shall be

Speak and they shall breathe
Track Name: Void
Feed them the dawning tale of meaning
This operation shall awaken the decent

Fake relish their pieces
Embellish the reason
Set talons to bleed them
And damage the seasoning

Feed them the yawning ale
Disease now means nothing to them

Fake polish their faces
Hateful adoration
Abolish the layers of taste built beneath their shit

Favorite flavours
Oh, if the enemy could taste its wings
Savouring flavours
Until the enemy dissolves

Soulless hordes
Contorted forms
They gorge

Oh, misery
Would they sing to be saved?
Consuming life
They have tried to feed the void
But failed
Track Name: Forcefed
They perform
Flux osmosis intravenous
They’re pitiful
Do they celebrate reincarnation?

They want to seep through the body with a-

“Give us your soul!!”
“Give us your soul!! – Give us your soul!!”

Revel the persuasion of the taste
“Give us your soul!!”
Revel the invasion of the state
“Give us your soul!! – Give us you soul!!”

Hey princess
Quit breathing
They clipped the wind

Poignant plus
There could be more of us fighting destiny
We’ll take a vacation in the morning
Breakfast in the morning
Breakfast in the morning
Breakfast in the morning

Everything is everything and nothing is a metaphor for life

But they’ll never take the soul through osmosis intravenous
They’re pitiful
Do they celebrate reincarnation?

They want to seep through the body with a knife?
Track Name: Edge
The secret is to see the ornaments that fall and rise again
Demons crawl between these bloodstained walls
Agents of automation; reaping their dreams
Ceaseless in fornication
But their sacred sun could never see behind black eyes
Thank volition

Like leeches they feed
Murdering Djinn as they speak
Archangels beware
They always exist on the edge of something

Of anything

This is the body patrolled
Vestibule entrant persuasion
Destitute border control
Soul immigration of Satan
Insolent order reborn
Evident headless invasion
This is the body reformed

To breathe through the water
Lest ye be burned

The secret is to see the ornaments that rise and fall again
Reasons fall beneath these dead stale halls of night
Flight monition

Destitute border revolt
Contamination of Satan
This is the body betrothed

Track Name: Requiem
I have wrestled with the best
May Heaven be tested
A million angels laid to rest
But I am mourning

My hastiness
Too late to be erased

A million dead birds

My hastiness
Too late to be erased

A million dead birds laughing

For I am nothing without my nemesis
Track Name: Defiants
Take heed – They call
They take to the brain like ants
They feed – They crawl
They nest in the head

They sleep upon the shores of neverness
With the keeper of the horde in heavenly seats
Elevated to see surrendered antennas of freedom
Still they creep upon the pores of reverence
Where the sequence of their calls can never be seen
Salivation misleads; mandibles… wait

Separation of a wavelength
Fixed position; hold transmission till informed
This opened vision will be an invitation to be born
Relinquished of this penetrating torment

They play upon a tone set to beacon beasts
Saint mastication; are they destined to be taken to his teeth?
Electro magnetic pulse; elevate their being
So the effigy can lament his feed

Still they pulsate a malevolent beat
A revolution in function
Assimilation of ordinance


Weak creatures
Invest in infrasonic vibration
Adlib upon its waves
Nest revolution be slain

Take heed – They call
They take to the brain like ants
They feed – They crawl
They nest in the head
Track Name: Purpose
They assume a different shape as they become aware of the cancer that eats at their flesh. A revelation of death and life becomes more than just the pieces of dreams that it was in the beginning of this faceless creation. An anemone breathing; a cancerous wound. Tasteless in form yet faithful to all that it tastes; it remains though it remains insatiable. Wasting its form on the flavourless aura of hatred; born and bred in the incessant cesspool of neverness; it never preyed before it preyed on them. And though it hates them…

It will remember them.
Track Name: Willow
Why fight the branch that brings life?
Are you too weak to feed?

Old maple
Taste of the trees
Their fucking leaves are falling
The seeds are forming the blood-sores on their knees
When will your punnets reveal the secrets of salvation?
Witch fruits; baring bitterness and wine

Dissipation of growth stimulation
They feed the cancer upon their leaves
De-evolution through hope inhalation
Now give them the answer they need

Look past the war
They have burned this place
Burned this pattern
With this breathing sword
They have earned their fate
Earned their battle
Track Name: Oracle
Who said it would take so many heathens to make a candle?
Just so they could see the flame; make its way down a severed spine

Be terror with a razor implanted sideways in that slit terrorist
And just wait until you see the darkness; under the diamond
Invent an island and see whether it sinks on a bed of fire
Isolate the waves and be remade into another’s saviour

Death is impenetrable poison; sewn onto the inside of the eyeball
Now that’s incentive

I’ve always been excited at why so many humans can be
Contaminated by another’s nightmare
Is that still providence or is this bitch just industry
Bleet Bleet
The sheep sleep peacefully in their character corrective posture
Solemnly blamed but still honoured
Within and without my knowledge
Now wasn’t that a simple symbolic gesture of sanity?

They’re all innocent and lame
But when they summon the snake; all their heads shall be taken
Fiends; excited by violence the aliens reanimate their kings

“And this is why I’ve decided to make waffles, in favour of participating in civilization.”

If only they could see what I see
Track Name: Leech
Listen to the pulse of the microscopic generation
History is repulsed as they commemorate incarceration
They’ll get blisters on their knees when contamination breeds
Let them preach what they eat as they speak through malevolent teeth

Await the leech
To be freed from the dreaming deep
Evidently neverness lakes leaking

Listen to the bold as they coordinate initiation
Vestibular assault on the microcosmic instigation
An elevation of the war with eviscerated forms
Let them fall with their swords as they taunt with malevolent force

Await the leech
To be freed from the dreaming deep
Evidently neverness lakes leaking

Feel the deep
Its sub-continentally drifting
Kneel now; the ordered salvation awaits
Free the leech
He’s extraordinarily gifted
See how the Goddess delays

Hearts ablast in his magnificent malevolence
Rivers are red, so take the Goddess apart
Heathen’s beasts in their manipulative deliverance
Goddess fillet only minutes away

Ogdru Jahad – Wait for the moment
See how the Goddess obeys
Azhi Dahaka – Break the world open
Seize while the parlour awaits… be fed
Track Name: 161
Have they surrendered their feet?
Have they surrendered their thinking?
Have they surrendered their speech?
Have they surrendered their being to me?

So that they can descend; on the bricks they formed
Invasive teachings – Reaching; falling
I’ll release their secrets; on the pits they warmed
So that they can descend

I wonder for the plight of the mortal creatures
Evidently damned on the march they lead
Never is the saint of these lawful preachers
Summoning remand but the brakes are bleeding

I wonder what they’ll write with the answer keeling
I wonder what they’ll fight when their hands are raw
Destination to be scorned
I wonder where they’ll sign when they ransom feeling
Where will they sleep when their dreams are given life?

Have they surrendered everything to me?
Have they surrendered to weakness?
Track Name: Invader
Bleed for the maggot inside them
He is their lie

He is breathless bestial enchantment
They are the walking prison of angels
Shall they continue to seek passage to a modern life?
Shall they continue to speak until one of us lacerates their wings?

We are the indigo beast
An anamorphic calibration of black magick
Light ingested, night desensitized

He is sentimental waste
In the middle of a wasted century
He is the sentimental wasteland
Obsolete foundation
His invasion will awaken
To release their sacred secret light

Dream to dismember his lies

So they can seek Heaven
The sacred seat of never

Shall they continue to seek passage to a modern life?
Track Name: Agony
She parts with the finger-licked lesion
Breaking the sheathing with ease
Demanding the semen of legions
Take rest in the recess beneath

Fertilization of demons
Ornamentative rape
Ovulation preceding to pain

The wasted become her waist

Celebration of leeches
They lay blessed as she came
On a blanket of heathens

Vicoden eyes
Spawned from the desolate trench of the uterus line
Lysogent raping pathogen child

Heartless face adorned
Darkness laced with open sores
Bastard race befall
Dark embrace the never born

Her pain forever feeds the deep whenever she breeds
Her seed shall leave disease wherever they bleed