Umbilical Dystrophy / Air Missile Defense Battle Lab

by A Million Dead Birds Laughing

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Umbilical Dystrophy is a crazy bastard child and a standalone single that did not want to fit or play along with any other songs. It was written for our new album, but as the album grew in one direction, it became clear Umbilical wanted no part in it. So enjoy...

BB - Guitars / Bass / Synths / Samples
DP - Drums
AZ - Vocals

Drums, bass and vocals tracked at DP Studios.
Guitars tracked at Cygnus Studios.
Mixed and Mastered by Troy Mccosker.

So we have decided to release the recordings we had for an EP that was written with pre-production recorded prior to the completion of our album Xen [2012]. This EP was the planned follow-up to Xen before Adam took leave from the band. It seemed going back to this material would feel like a backwards step, seeing as our new album is leaps and bounds again beyond what is on offer here. But myself and Adam felt that these pre-production sessions captured the magic of these songs and the message therein, we feel this material was purely inspired and we are very proud of what we had created. So what you have here is the last mixes we had as the sessions were lost years ago on an old hard drive. We have mastered and cleaned up as much as we could manage with the help of Troy Mccosker ( We hope you enjoy this piece of AMDBL history and what is arguably our most personal and darkest material to date.

BB - Guitars / Programming
AZ - Vocals

Mastered by Troy Mccosker
Artwork by Adam Stewart


released July 1, 2016



all rights reserved


A Million Dead Birds Laughing Melbourne, Australia

Based in Melbourne, Australia.


AZ - Vocals
BB - Guitars/Vocals
SA - Bass
DP - Drums

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Track Name: Umbilical Dystrophy
Everyone see
She’s claimed my allegiance
So speak
She’s a weakness?
She comes with the answers
Heaven is her pass of waste
Heaven in her bones
And these are only things
All my days just to draw the hands of
Of her sacred form
My opened heart has reached to feed the ways of wyrms
But these feet
She’s claimed me
And all my worlds
But I am alone
Track Name: Air
I form as falling sand across the desert with the wind / But I'm in my guise
I form as storming hands beneath the heavens with the wind / But I'm in my guise
I am infinitus vox / I brought decay upon the wind / Send the meek to meet me
My creed / My calling / Within / I have entered through tears and sweat
By my words evolve / With vigilance recalibrate the stars
I am infinitus vox / I brought decay upon the wind
I am as beast / I let the battle begin / I brought decay upon the wind
And vanished
Track Name: Missile
Fire is birth / Demon seek no more / You're about to move forward
For you have been chosen / You're a soldier of God
Incandescent overlord / Can you taste the power?
Best we forget love / Higher education leads nowhere / Liberate the Djinn
He sleeps beneath the pathways of the brain / Enslaved by words
Worm / Release me from this curse / This ceaseless slumber /They're only words / Release me
Symbiote soldier / So cancerous / Feast on the populous / Leave the diseased
No future is safe from us / Evolved / Invincible I
Fire is birth / So say the immolated
Track Name: Defence
Hostage / Say what you want / Your captives have forever been lost
Their kingdom is freezing / Their kingdom is frozen
Follow them? / Be the victim of their God / Crucified by his order / Obedient / Learned
We just need blood / We just need free flow gore on the walls
Some more Armageddon for the bastard martyr
Murderers / Have patience / Keep to shadows / Await the return / Defend the word
Invert the ritual / Invade the herd / Convert the equal
Infiltrate the glorious God
Murderer / My favourite sun / Be bold for me / Here and after
Let my body forever burn / Blessed never awaits
Let my body forever burn / Give me solace
Track Name: Battle
Born against no-one / We can see them
They have made a war against the wand / But we can see their hand
Facing forward / No god prevents my gun / No law negates my love
I'd kill them all for you my son / No life / No compromise
Look at the bold pleading ignorance / It wasn't us / It was the prophecy we had been sold
These hands / These feeble hands contain no traces / No traces of blood
Weak men speak deliverance / Arrghhh / Let them pray to the feet of their gods
Let them be kings / Let them be things / Let them be played / Forgotten
Lost to the process of holocaust
Today we forget the world / Today we turn our heads from the west
We Breathe / Dependence was a wound long formed / But lost
In turn / All the wisdom we seek shall be sent to the sun / OUR SUN!
They walk through the cemetery / Hand by hand they trace circles on the graves of their enemies
Where blood once stained their fingertips / Now only blisters remain
With an eloquent sigh / They turn their heads back to the west
If this is the end / Let's be remembered
No voice can relieve us the beaten word / Turn it sideways and bend
So the weak can save the world
This is the end / Let's be remembered / Kill the void with the beast
In my dreams / I murdered the sentry / I'm already there
Raping the blessed / Consuming the damned
The deaf heard a song / Her words were the death of worlds
So let's weep along / Their kingdom is gone
There for you my son / They can sleep / But never wake to see the dawning of your love
Caught underneath the embers / Here they lay where we were born
Underneath the embers / Forever more
Caught underneath the embers / In the end they perform
Underneath the embers / Where they belong
Track Name: Lab
This night / This sky will see none greater fall
This night / In sight of all / The king was never born / Fiction
One constant state above the plague beneath the stairs
His race at best / His best couldn't stand for a war / So bled on their knees
Weak / Unclean / Never to wash / These are the words of a sentimental form
Ignorant horde / Sinking
Spiralling towards the emptiness / Singing to irrelevant gods
Their kingdom never was / Existent
These are the words of the great ascendant / Sing King
The bitter denunciate / Forever awaits
Your kingdom never was / Existent
Forever takes its toll / The future holds you beneath the written word
Let never drape the world in it's beautiful bleakness
This abomination / Weak and devolved
One contaminated host / Delivered with a bit of old fashioned control
Might as well forget us / Life is irrelevant
No time for regret / Might as well forget us
Our kingdom never was